Lessons of Solo Traveling

2 Major lessons that have shaped me through 2023 on my travels around Aoteoroa

1. Family support and love comes in many forms. We took on a new language of family love through calling, sharing recipes, stories, discussing life goals, and overall improving our communication. I feel that the distance brought me closer to my siblings and parents. I've received advise, and loving support that I never imagined from my father and that was a trifling victory on its own, as we continue to re-establish our father-daughter relationship (more on that to come). 

2. Self-Resilience

I learned that I will be the one holding me at the end of the day, I understand that I am loved and supported through many facets of my life, yet I know that I am the chief whose approval I want most. I am the person who will always be there to hold my hand and back myself up when no one else is around. I understand that through my skills abilities and talents, I can and am taking care of me.

Living the Dream of the Aotearoa Cloud Rolling Skies No. 01

Tuesday, 25th July 2023 

Who would have thought, I’d be writing up my blog sitting in a beautiful jungle café in Dunedin with a newfound friend? I never imagined myself to be traveling the world as I am now and at such a young age. Since I was a child, it was an aphonic dream of mine to ‘travel the world’, and when people would ask, I’d be hesitant to share that I dream to travel the world as everyone would say. 


Now that I am, it feels like I'm in a fog and sometimes baffled at the actuality of my reality. Now that I'm living my dreams, it couldn’t be any more perfect, it's different than I would have imagined, although I never gave it much thought until last year. 

I really enjoy the whole millennial - gen z café brunches with friends, chatting about life, dreams, plans, and the next step in our goals. 

As a kid I didn’t envision to be traveling around the world by 23, it was a pleaded wish that my thoughts optimistically hoped to come true. Now sitting in Dunedin at the library overlooking the rolling mountains and hills of green and every time I look out my kitchen window staring in awe at the amazing ocean view of the city, I'm captivated by the scene of it all. 

What have I done to deserve the blessings of this life? And I just think back to the amount of work and challenge I’ve overcome; in the moment it may seem like its nothing and you might be taking it day by day. But those daily challenges, riding the bus for 2 hours plus, putting in the work the extra day of the week, booking your calendar with events, supporting others, and showing up for yourself, physically, mentally, and spiritually, this is what has got me to where I am today. 

Previously I would humbly decline that I had put in a lot of effort. For some reason, I used to believe it was cool to appear as though the good things in life are occurrences of luck and lack of effort. The blessing of life that I thought belonged to only a specific class of people, which were brought up in the higher status of our society, ‘least deserving’, and brought up by old money. 

Now I realize most newly successful people, especially those “self-made” are ever more deserving and have done thousands of hours of work in the dim light when no one was watching. 

I remember going to McDonald’s a few times, late in the evening or nearly midnight to turn in an assignment using their WIFI. Remembering those times in my adolescence when my family had no WIFI services, or the electricity would be out for one reason or another. And recalling those memories makes me smile, you know why? Because I come from a humble upbringing, and in my heart, I know that no matter what the conditions and circumstances are, I’ll always find a way. A way to make my dreams come true and live them out as I'm meant to. 

So, who would have thought I’d be sitting on the far side of the world, enjoying the clouds casted onto the blue skies of Dunedin Aotearoa - New Zealand? That would be me, somewhere deep inside, I believed, and I went for it with the help of the Gods/Goddess and all those angels in my life.

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